This tenor is the real potential great voice, with natural treble and strong and lyric color on all the tessitura. He is Florestan de Fidelio, Hermann de Dame de pique, Kleinzach des Contes of Hoffman, the Italian tenor of Rosenkavalier, Tamino de Zauberfloete, Belmonte d’ Entführung aus dem Seraglio, and we imagine him gladly in roles the dramatic art of which is to be supported by a generosity of the vocal movement, and a strong scenic presence. I wish him the real career full of sense in connection with his vocal and musical qualities, and its always passionate personal implication at work. Karl will seduce by his tempered temperament, his character dedicated to his lyric characters even dramatic .Il is young still, but the voice is not green: The maturity and the instinct to sing make of Karl a future big artist with one A capital letter. I thank all those who will want to support him, to help him, to promulgate him in the front international scenes of tomorrow. As soon as I heard this voice, I was seduced at once by the notion of safety which he gives when he sings: his emission comes from a great distance, through personal physical sufferings which he knew how to surmount with a beautiful dignity and a radiant energy. Long life is given to him! Great career to him !

Elena VASSILIEVAInternational Soprano

The first time I met Karl Laquit last March was « the » discovery of the season 2015 among hundred singers auditioned. This young artist, for a long time counter tenor, who « fell over » in tenor voice for 3 years, seduced me straightaway by the originality of his multifaceted rare voice. This tenor, today lirico-spinto, in the long, powerful voice and magnificently stamped feasts on breakaways in very shrill moving on against ré in chest voice with an impertinent ease! … But the counter tenor is never very far, offering to the auditor of very shrill pianissimo « magic » (extremely rare for this type of lyric tenor), in the line of singing and in the phrasing  » without fault « , adorned with colors so rare as mesmerizing and always with the same nature and the same ease. In a sentence: a typically androgynous voice which amazes and moves, where the musicality and the sensibility are omnipresent … Finally, for the conductor and of choir that I am, « to manage » Karl Laquit is a real musical division, the latter reacting to the slightest musical intentions of the leader in terms of nuances, tempo, colors with a remarkable ease. In brief, a strong meeting with this beautiful charming artist who leaves nobody indifferent, to whom I can wish that the brilliant future which he deserves … if he does not burn wings too early and too fast! …

Jean-Philippe DUBORMusical Director of the ensemble "Les Siècles Romantiques"